The Delphi Trio | mission statement
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mission statement


In a world of sound bites and over-stimulation, we encourage one another, and our audiences, to listen. We value direct and symbiotic communication with our audience, emotional vulnerability, spontaneity, and risk-taking, supported by scrupulous preparation. In being open to what the music says here and now, we invite an authentic, real-time emotional experience, in collaboration with you, our audience.


Grounded in the immensely rich classical repertoire, the Delphi Trio believes firmly in the music of our time and contributes to expanding the repertoire through its commissioning projects.


The Trio also recognizes the vital importance of education through outreach performances, presentations, and coaching. In sharing their boundless enthusiasm for music and the complex journey that leads from first rehearsal to performance, the Delphi Trio invites the larger community to engage their own powers of reflection and communication.